From a personal perspective, and having attended almost every one, this breakfast gathering is always inspiring and fortifying.  It is a source of comfort and strength for parliamentarians to know that we are in your prayers.

Importantly, this event also brings the Parliament of Tasmania and the Churches of Tasmania closer Nike Torry Holt Jersey together – enhancing the connections between MPs and the churches in their communities. And equally, it encourages the faith community in Tasmania to be involved in public policy discussions important to them.

I welcome this positive interaction, and I thank all the church communities across Tasmania for engaging with their local MPs, and inviting them to share in their activities, meetings and deliberations. Throughout the year, our shared efforts are directed at improving the lives of Tasmanians, and particularly those less fortunate in our community.
On this special day, on behalf of the Parliament of Tasmania,

I thank you for your ongoing support, which is so brilliantly displayed at this breakfast each and every year.

Will Hodgman: Premier of Tasmania