Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

Wednesday 11 November, 2020 – Time To Mark Your Diaries

6.30 AM for a 6:45 AM start

Prayer in the city’s heart

The Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast brings together like-minded people from across Tasmania to pray for our State, our leaders, parliamentarians, businesses, schools, communities and community organisations; our families, youth and children. In the name of Jesus, we ask God to grant us the will and wisdom, the creativity and strength we need to care well for each other and to see Tasmania flourish in every dimension. Join us for this special moment of unity and humility. 

Unique networking moment

Rarely does such a cross-section of leaders from government, business, community, education, media, and the church gather in one place to express their thanks to God for the past and ask his blessing on the future. But once a year at the Parliamentary Breakfast we do providing a special moment to acknowledge one another, to connect with each another and to be encouraged by our presence. 

Speakers with integrity

Each year a recognised public figure who has made a significant professional and leadership contribution is a guest speaker at the breakfast. By sharing something of the story of their lives, each speaker brings something unique to the impact of their upbringing, experience and faith have had on their life and leadership.

Last year’s speaker: John Zeckendorf

From the former Premier – Will Hodgman

The Tasmanian Prayer Breakfast gives us an opportunity to connect as a community and be inspired by the collective values of those seeking to improve the lives and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

It is a heartening moment of unity, where Members of Parliament, the church, business, and wider community come together to offer one another encouragement and support.

Regardless of denomination, prayer is a universal way to provide inspiration and comfort.

We take comfort that our mutual endeavours to make Tasmania a better place are buoyed by the prayers of our faith community.

The Tasmanian Prayer Breakfast gives pause to consider the importance of being thankful for what we have and acknowledging those in need.

I would like to thank the church community for their continued engagement with members of parliament, for their prayers and ongoing support.

Will Hodgman
Former Premier of Tasmania